What’s Wrong With Gated Communities In Minnesota?

The first gated community in Minnesota called Bearpath can be found in Eden Prairie. While other communities with a similar design may not have a gate, the concept is the same.

People tend to view their community as safe and private. Who wouldn’t want these things?

Some argue such people are elitists. True or not, who cares? I say it’s their money and their choice. Should they decide to live in a gated community, who’s to say they can’t do so? Who could they possibly be bothering by living in a gated community?

Some demand that everyone should live with an open-concept arrangement. Why? Each person has varying needs based on experiences and accomplishments. I can understand why a more well-known person would crave privacy at home.

Instead of this being an issue of the haves and have nots, perhaps it’s more of an issue of freedom of choice.

My answer is that there’s nothing wrong with gated communities in Minnesota.

What do you think?

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  1. Kyle

    If I could marshal enough support in my neighborhood I would do the same. New urbanists and social justice warriors despise these communties. Perhaps because it proves that border fences and security work.
    No one wants to exercise more control over peoples lives than the left. Funny. At one time we were led to believe it was the religious right that wanted to do that.

  2. rodney iverson

    What makes anyone think that gated communities are safer than non-gated communities? It is not like they have a barbwire fence around them.

    1. Jewel Pickert

      Thanks for your comment, Rodney. Without researching this, I don’t know what the stats are on with or without gates in relation to safety. My point was that there is nothing wrong with having gated communities. It’s the preference of the people who choose to pay for it and want that for their community.

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